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 Keeping Up With Your Hair 

 Written By Hannah Sensius 
 April 17th, 2020 


Everyone hair different hair types, textures, colors, and conditions. So its important that during a consultation, your hairstylist can determine what all of these are for you. If you struggle with how to maintain your hair at home or are wanting some tips and tricks on how to deal with your specific hair type, here are some tips and recommendations that may work for you.

















Fine Hair

Having fine hair can be a struggle. Personally, I have pretty fine hair so I'm always taking the extra step to maintain the health of my hair, especially since its so light. Having fine hair means you probably struggle with volume as well. There are different methods and products you can use to encourage volume.

Recommended Products: For fine hair, you want to use products that aren't too heavy. To maintain the health of fine hair, I would recommend a lightweight hydrating serum over oil. Oils are great for hydration but they can get heavy and weigh down your hair. When you apply serum, focus on the mid shaft and ends of the hair and avoid your scalp. Since your hair is fine, it probably gets greasy quicker than most, so adding extra hydrating products to your scalp can make it appear greasier even faster. If you are wanting volume then a lightweight mouse and root lifting spray are perfect. I don’t recommend using gels or heavy hairsprays because they can also be heavy and weight the hair down during styling. Instead you can use a texture spray or lightweight hairspray for hold, volume, and dimension.

Tips to style: Before we talk about styling, I recommend washing your hair every two to three days depending on how fast it gets dirty. Stay away from drugstore shampoos and conditioners because they are filed with silicones and waxes that can weight down your hair. (Say No To Drugstore Shampoo.) If you want to get the most volume, here's my recommendation. Before your blow dry your hair, apply a small amount of lightweight hydrating serum and light weight mouse to your mid shaft and ends. Then at the root finger section your hair so you can apply a root lifting spray right on your scalp. If you don’t get it onto the scalp and you just spray it on the roots, you wont get as much lift. Finish off with a heat protectant. When you are blow drying your hair, first start with drying the roots with you fingers. After your roots and hair is about 80 to 90 percent dry, then go in with a round brush and smooth it out. Make sure to direct the air flow down with the hair and brush rather then right at it. This will prevent frizz and encourage shine. When you are working around the crown area, round brush your hair at a 90 degree angle to the head to encourage volume. After you are finished with your blow out, you can go in with a texture spray or light weight hairspray for some extra hold and dimension.


Coarse Hair

Having coarse hair you probably struggle with lots of frizz and dryness. Luckily there are different products and blow out techniques you can use to encourage smoothness and shine.

Recommended Products:  A lot of the products to recommend for coarse hair all involve hydration. When you have coarse hair, it typically needs more hydration then other hair because its denser. Use a salon grade moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to help implant moisture into the hair. (Say No To Drugstore Shampoo.) I recommend washing coarse hair every three to four days. Oils and serums will also be your best friend. I would suggest cock tailing them both and using them on your mid shaft and ends. You should also do a smoothing hair mask or conditioning treatment once a week to give it a little extra hydration and prevent frizz. If you want a help prevent even more frizz, use a higher hold mouse to aid in holding the style after its dry. After your hair has been dried, I suggest going in with a hair shield spray to help protect the cuticle, prevent frizz, and help the style last longer.


Tips to style: Doing or receiving regular blow outs can minimize the amount of frizz you may be experiencing. If you want to try it at home, here's a god way to do it. Start by applying your cocktail of serum and oil on the mid shaft and ends. Then go in with a high hold mouse and heat protectant before your blow it out. For a smooth blow out, start by drying your roots first by using your fingers with tension. Try to refrain from messily blowing it everywhere. When the hair is about 70 percent dry, sub section it off and round brush your hair with the flow of the air pointing down the brush, not directly at the brush. If you point the air flow directly at the hair it can cause frizz. Pointing the air stream down with the hair as you dry will help reduce frizz and encourage a smooth and shiny blowout. When you get to the ends, use the cool shot of the hair dryer and make sure to follow completely through on the ends. This will help seal the cuticle and prevent the ends from looking unfinished and crunchy. When you are finished drying you can finish it off with a texturizing spray, hair spray, and hair shield spray.


Curly Hair

Want to know how to make the most out of your curls while keeping it hydrated and preventing frizz? These tips and tricks are perfect for getting the voluminous curls you want.

Recommended Products: Use salon grade shampoo and conditioner that’s meant for curly hair. These products will help enhance your curls and also give you hydration to prevent frizz.  Refrain from using drugstore products because these products contain silicone and waxes that can weigh down the hair down and uncoil your curls. (Say No To Drugstore Shampoo.) Hydrating hair masks or hair masks for curly hair are also great because it will give the hair extra hydration to help prevent frizz and give your curls shine. You should also use oils and hydrating serums on the mid shaft and ends for hydration to maintain the health of your hair and to enhance your curl patter. Some people prefer to use gel to enhance their curls but its not my favorite product. It can leave your hair feeling dry, crunchy, and depending on how much you use it can actually weight it down. Instead I recommend to use a curl serum or foam. You can also use a volume boosting mouse. Milkshake has is my favorite curl line. Their products are made to put elasticity back into the hair while giving it hydration, shine, and preventing frizz. It also doesn’t leave the hair feeling or looking crunchy.

Tips to style: If you want to get the most out of your curls, the best tip I can give is to make sure before you dry your hair to keep A LOT of moisture and water in your hair. Start off with applying a curl enhancing serum or foam. When you are applying this try not to rake through your curls too much. After you have applied the curl product, you can scrunch and finger curl your hair. After you’ve applied and scrunched in your curl product, go in with a volume boosting mouse and repeat the same process as before. If your hair starts to dry out make sure to spray it down with a water bottle to get the moisture back into it. After you are finished applying your products and you’ve made sure your hair is decently wet, you can either let your hair air dry, or diffuse it with a blow dryer. If you chose to diffuse, start by drying your roots first. After your roots are about 80 percent dry, you can diffuse the rest of your hair by tipping your head over and letting your curls fall naturally into the teeth of the diffuser. Use a medium heat setting and medium air flow. Having it on high heat and high air flow can create frizz and also break up the curls. After your curls are dry you can go in with a little bit of oil on the mid shaft and ends to help prevent frizz and give shine.

Lightened Hair

When you lighten your hair, it is so important to maintain its health. Lightener can cause your hair to be dry, porous, and more fragile. So its important to take the extra precautions to keep it healthy.

Recommended Products: The number one must have product to be used are hydrating serums and oils. Using these products will help hydrate, give shine, and balance porosity.  When you use them make sure you mostly concentrate on the mid shaft and ends. If you use too much, oil especially, it can make your hair and scalp look greasy and also weight it down. Less is more with these products. The next product would be heat protectant. While everyone should use heat protection products anyway, its especially important for people who lighten their hair to help aid in the prevention of more damage when you are using heat. I recommend trying to stay away from heat as much as you can especially right after a lightening service, but for when you do need to use heat, using heat protection is a must. I also recommend doing hydrating hair masks at least once a month. Having light hair myself, I do a hair mask every week. The last product I recommend for lightened hair is purple shampoo. Purple Shampoo is going to help counteract the warm tones that may appear after your toner starts to fade. Using purple shampoo at least once a week will help to eliminate any unwanted warm tones you are seeing.

Salon Upkeep: Depending on what kind of lightening service you get, the upkeep in the salon will vary.  You'll have to discuss with your stylist before you get started to know exactly how often you will need to come into the salon. Typically if you are getting foils, upkeep is usually four to six weeks. If you are doing balayage or foiliage I usually recommend six to ten weeks depending on the person and how much they like their roots to grow, or how much money they want to spend. If you are doing on the scalp/all over lightener, I usually recommend coming in every three to four weeks to prevent the roots from getting too long. If you let to roots go too long and you do an on the scalp application, it can start to band and not be even all over. If you want more information of lightening hair, you can click here.




Colored Hair

If you are receiving color, it important to know what products you need to use to keep it from fading fast, and if you have greys, there are some tricks you can use in between your salon visits.

Recommended Products: In order to prevent your color from fading, I recommend using a salon grade color safe shampoo and conditioner when washing your hair. Using a drugstore shampoo and conditioner can actually fade your color faster and cause problems for future coloring services, even if the products says color safe. For more information you can visit Say No To Drugstore Shampoo. If you have darker hair and greys coming in, in between your appointments you can help cover them up with either eye shadow or a tinted dry shampoo.


Salon Upkeep: Depending on what kind of hair you hair, salon visits can vary. If you have grey to cover, I recommend a root touch up every three to four weeks to keep them from getting to long. Any other color can go four to six weeks.


Fantasy Hair

Fantasy color is always fun to have, but there are a numerous amount of things you should be aware of before you get it. There is a lot of upkeep and numerous products that you'll need to use to maintain the vibrancy of your color.

Recommended Products: When you have fantasy color, its extremely important to use a salon grade color safe shampoo and conditioner. When you do wash your hair, make sure you are using as cool water as you can stand to help prevent the color from fading. I recommend washing your hair every three to four days to get longevity out of your vibrant color, and using dry shampoo on the days you aren't washing it so it doesn't get greasy. Another great product for fantasy hair would be color depositing shampoos and conditioners. These will help you go longer in between your salon visits to help keep your color vibrant and conditioned. Usually when you do fantasy color, lightening the hair is involved, so its also important to maintain the health of your hair throughout the process. You can refer to lightened hair section of this post to see the products that can help, but hydrating serums and oils will be the most important.


Salon Upkeep: Fantasy color is an extremely high maintenance color to have and salon visits will require three to four weeks depending on what you have and if you want to maintain it. Like I said before, if you have an all over single color fantasy color, you can get by a little longer with using color depositing conditioners and shampoos, but your roots still grow so you'll still need to come in at least every four to six weeks.


If you have any additional questions about your hair type or need any more recommendations, feel free to send me a message.and if you’ve never been in my chair feel free to click here to receive 10% Off your first visit.

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